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The Dacxi story

Today, the rules of the game are changing. For the first time in history, wealth creation is within reach of everyone – not just the elite few. A new era of digital assets is here, and it’s the key to breaking down financial barriers, and unlocking prosperity for all.

We’re a Crypto Wealth Platform, designed to help you win. 

We’re here to guide you on your crypto journey. No complicated jargon, no impossibly high bar to entry. Just all the support, advice, and educational tools you need to start effortlessly investing in crypto.

Dacxi HQ is based in Singapore, with our fast-growing global team working across the UK, Australia, Estonia, Brazil, and New Zealand.

Choose from any of these: 

Blue Chip Bundle

This is the simplest and smartest entry into the crypto growth market today. You are buying the three biggest ‘Blue Chip’ cryptos in the same ratios that the world’s largest financial institutions have stated they are buying or offering to clients. You also get a small amount of Dacxi’s own hyper-growth DAC Coin with a possible bonus of 50% more DAC!

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Precious Metals Bundle

Precious metals have been used as a form of money and wealth protection for centuries. They have become very attractive recently, given the economic concerns of the world. The challenge of precious metals has always been the physical issues of storage, security, transportation, and trading. Using the latest tokenization technology, Dacxi solves these problems by creating a portfolio solution for maximum performance and reduced risk.

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